When are you open?

Our normal theater and bar operations are Thursday to Sunday starting at 530pm.  We may also open for special screenings and events other days of the week. Please check our calendar for details.

Where can you park at the theater?

There is parking located along Jefferson which is surprisingly quiet after 6pm as well as two lots close to the theater. The first one is located at the Bank of Texas lot in between Zang and Madison along Centre street. The second lot is located behind the theater on Sunset avenue also between Madison and Zang. This is generally an overflow lot that we use for valet services when needed, Jefferson is usually sufficient for most performances.

please refer to the map:

How much are movie tickets?

Regular Screening Admission (35mm and Digital) – $10.00

Discount admission (film club member, student, senior, child, matinee, Bicycle riders ) – $8.50

35mm Repertory prints – $10.50 reg admission,  $9.50 -Discount

we have various other events and screenings that may have different costs. Check the calendar page for special event pricing and free show pricing! (yes, we have free shows sometimes)

How many seats do you have?

645 seats downstairs. maybe 300-350 more when we open the balcony(!)

Can I bring my beer/cocktail into the theatre?

Yes, you can bring alcohol purchased at the Texas Theatre bar inside the theatre; but please bus your area and bring back glassware to the bar after you are done.

Can i get a tour of the building?

Sure if we’re able to. Contact us and we’ll do our best to set it up. We recommend a $10 donation for individual tours or $20 for group.

Where is Oswald’s seat?

Geographically it’s 3 rows up from the rear center aisle and 5 seats in. Technically speaking the original seat is long gone. In addition the center aisle was adjusted during one of the theater’s many construction phases for new code restrictions and the entire placement of the seats changed. In addition, since he didn’t pay for a ticket it wasn’t his seat to begin with.

Is that the original seat?


Is the theater haunted?


Was anyone injured at the theater on Nov. 22nd 1963?

No. Although Oswald claims to have received a walloping by Dallas authorities, no one was shot in front of , inside of or anywhere near the theater that day. Officer Tippit was shot in an Oak Cliff neighborhood while Oswald was on route to the theatre. Oswald didn’t pay for his ticket and that’s just lame so he probably deserved a good smack.

What movies were playing on Nov 22nd, 1963?

“Cry of Battle” and “War is Hell”. “War is Hell” is the feature that was playing when Oswald was aprehended.

What movie played on April 21st, 1931 on the grand opening?

A Mickey Mouse cartoon followed by “Parlor-Bedroom & Bath” starring Buster Keaton

Did Howard Hughes “build” The Texas Theatre?

Howard Hughes purchased the Robb & Rowley Movie theater chain before the theater opened in 1931 and sold the chain back to them later that same year. There was a one million dollar advance paid for the chain which helped push the R&R chain through the depression. It can be said that Hughes’s money played a part in creating the Texas. Hughes reportedly attended the movie theatres’ grand opening in April of 1931.

What about RKO? Didnt Hughes own that and didnt they own movie theaters?

Yes and yes. However Hughes didnt purchase RKO until 1948. RKO was never involved with the Texas Theatre. Robb & Rowley eventually became Rowley and United, which eventually became United Artists. United Artists operated the theatre until 1989. Hughes’s film, The Outlaw, starring Jane Russell, did play at the Texas Theatre in 1947. But by all accounts, Hughes had nothing directly to do with the booking.

Who owns the Texas Theatre building now?

The Texas Theatre was purchased by the 501-3c Oak Cliff Foundation in 2001. In 2010, the foundation leased the building to Aviation Cinemas.

Where can I park at the theater?

refer to above

Can I show a movie at the theater?

Yes. We have guidelines setup for showing films at the theater that are pretty darned reasonable. They can be found in the info about rentals and screenings.

What is this I hear about the “Texas Theatre Rough Cut Lab”?

Glad you asked! The Texas Theatre Rough Cut Lab is available exclusively to our Members (filmmakers and audience). Once monthly, we will have a filmed screened in its rough cut form (before the final edit is complete) with the filmmaker present. The purpose of this is two-fold: for the filmmaker, its an opportunity to receieve feedback on your film during the editing process. For the audience, its a chance to influence the final product and be a part of the creative process / peer inside the mind of the filmmaker or Producer during post production. The goal of these screenings is simple: to help filmmakers make excellent films.