66 min - 2010| Documentary Art

Here come the robots!

Jarred Alterman’s CONVENTO, a real life fantasy documentary, plans World Domination! (through movie theatres)

Prima ballerina Geraldine and their two boys Christiaan and Louis left
Holland in 1980 to take up residence at the Convento São Francisco
de Mértola. Strategically situated at the convergence of two rivers in
southeastern Portugal, this vacant monastery was left decaying for
centuries until the Zwanikken family transformed it with their eccentric
and earthy endeavors.

In the airy studio converted from the
estate’s chapel, Christiaan builds kinetic sculptures from discarded
electronics and the skulls and bones of deceased wildlife. Combining the
family’s home movies with his own observant photography, Alterman
artfully casts these fantastical creatures as supporting characters as
they literally move across the landscape, animating the ancient grounds.

Presented by SXSW and Factory25

One of the top 10 Documentaries of the year: “Convento is a real life
fantasy film that’s unlike any documentary film I’ve seen this year.”
– Jay Cheel, The Documentary Blog

“Captures haunting energy and mechanical splendor.”
– Erin McCarthy, Popular Mechanics

“Wildly Captivating. Strangely beautiful.”
– Noah Lee, Film Threat

“A lovely reminder of the things that really matter.”
– Michael Tully, Pick of the Week: Filmmaker Magazine/Hammer to Nail

“An unorthodox doc about an unorthodox family of artists.”
-Matt Singer,

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