Flash Gordon (1980) - 35mm Print!

Flash Gordon (1980) - 35mm Print!

110 min - 1980| Sci-Fi Fantasy Action Adventure Comedy
One of the greatest ‘bad’ movies of all time! Cue the theme song by Queen…..

‘Although NASA scientists are claiming the unexpected eclipse and strange “hot hail” are nothing to worry about, Dr. Hans Zarkov knows better, and takes football star Flash Gordon and travel agent Dale Arden with him into space to rectify things. They land on planet Mongo, where the despot Ming the Merciless (Max von Sydow) is attacking Earth out of pure boredom. With the help of a race of Hawkmen, Flash and the gang struggle to save their home planet.’


FRIDAY January 4 from 9pm- 1am $12 admission for the COSTUME event with dj afterparty (includes screening)


after film music in the lobby on FRIDAY by dj duo GHOST DADDIES (Sean Sparks & Boston Morgan)

cocktails in the lobby & costumes are optional but encouraged.
dress up as Emperor Ming or maybe a space vixen headdress & cape or
just wear your favorite alien costume.

Thursday 1/3/2013


Saturday 1/5/2013