Show Your Shorts!

Show Your Shorts!

| Presented by Oak Cliff Film Fest

Co-sponsored by the Oak Cliff Film Festival

$5 at the door for everyone or FREE for Texas Theatre members

1. First 10 filmmakers to post the Name of their film and the Run time as a comment on this event page get their film shown.
2. Films must be 20 min or shorter.
3. films must be delivered to the Texas Theatre by 640pm on DVD, Blu-Ray or h264 QT on a Thumb Drive.
4. if your film is 4×3 you may want to put it in a 16×9 pillar box format to avoid the “squeeze”!
5. Filmmaker or member of principal crew must be in attendance.

Prizes (done by audience private vote following the screening)

1. a free VIP badge to the OAK CLIFF FILM FESTIVAL 2014. (june 19-22)

2. Two free tickets to see any screening coming up.

3. a shiny .25 cent piece that must be used at the theatre to play ms Pac Man or Robocop arcade.

Tuesday 2/4/2014