Calcutta is My Mother

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An adoption story of loss, gain, and identity.

Calcutta is My Mother is a feature length documentary telling the story of one transracial adoptee’s first journey back to the city of her birth. Reshma McClintock was born and abandoned in Calcutta, India in March of 1980. She was adopted and arrived in Portland, Oregon, where she was raised, the following June. In this honest, raw film, Reshma details her connectedness to the family she knows and loves and her struggle with feeling disconnected from her Indian roots. The film captures her first return to Calcutta on the 35th anniversary of the day she left for her new life in America. During her time there, Reshma strives to connect to her heritage, understand newly discovered grief, and reconcile her love for her adoptive family and longing for the family she has never known and may never find. Calcutta is My Mother is the emotional documentation of Reshma’s journey home; of her losses, gains, and search for identity.

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