Coming Apart // 35MM // Sundays from the Vault

Director: Milton Moses Ginsberg

1969, USA, 110 mins., 35mm, Mono, NR

Language: English

dir. Milton Moses Ginsberg
starring Rip Torn, Sally Kirkland

Joe (Rip Torn) is a psychologist with issues of his own. Deranged by obsession with an ex-lover, he records his volatile erotic encounters with a series of his female clients in this cinema verite oddity. Shot in stark black-and-white and in voyeuristic hidden camera style inside Joe’s Manhattan flat, this pseudo-cinema verite feature documents his seductive and destructive path of psychological manipulation.

Sundays from the Vault is a series featuring 35mm sources from the G William Jones Film and Video Collection at SMU.

tickets are $5 and benefit G William Jones and Top Ten Records


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