The Video Crypt Presents: CREEPSHOW

Howdy y’all! It’s THE VIDEO CRYPT team here.

You may be asking yourself what THE VIDEO CRYPT is and we are here to fill in those gaps for you!

THE VIDEO CRYPT is a rental video store installation/pop-up created by two team members right out of Texas Theatre that will be coming to you on October 1st.

Alongside opening night: The Texas Theatre is having a super ghouly and special screening of the 40th anniversary of the horror gem that is CREEPSHOW.

You know the one. The green moss. You’ll never forget it! We have partnered up with Dallas VHS Swap and Tuesday Night Trash to bring you a very rad opening weekend for all the lovers of horror and all you mega #tapeheads.

See you at The Video Crypt at The Safe Room.

Showtimes & Tickets

Saturday, Oct 1
9:00 PM