Cry of Battle

Director: Irving Lerner

1963, Philippines | USA, 99 mins., Digital Cinema, NR

Language: English


The Texas Theatre is proud to present our annual screening of WAR IS HELL and CRY OF BATTLE at the exact times and ticket prices as Nov 22, 1963.  Watch at Home via Virtual Cinema or at the Theatre!

1:20pm – $10.90 Cents Admission. ($10 donation + .90 Cents original ticket price)
WAR IS HELL – Partial version – This is a Texas Theatre restoration compiled of two versions (a Super 8mm silent version scanned by The Texas Theatre/ Texas MicroCine and scored by Jason Reimer + one synch sound 16mm reel scanned in Europe featuring the intro by Texas war hero Audie Murphy.
On 11-22-1963, Lee Harvey Oswald walked into the screening a few minutes after the film started and was
“removed” by The Dallas Police Department a few min later.

2:45pm – .90 Cents Admission. ($10 donation + .90 Cents original ticket price)
CRY OF BATTLE – Full version of the Van Heflin and Rita Moreno WWII film that probably never actually screened on 11-22-63 but was famously on the marquee!

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