Freeway (1996, 35mm) // Ben’s Bday // Video Juice and Friends

Director: Matthew Bright

1996, USA | France, 102 min, 35mm - Dolby SR, R

Language: English

FREEWAY, written and directed by Matthew Bright, executive produced by Oliver Stone and scored by Danny Elfman, is a strangely under-appreciated cult film from the 1996, despite intense and haunting performances by eventual Hollywood A-Listers Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland and a supporting cast chock full of widely recognized character actors.

FREEWAY is a delightfully dark comedic adaptation of the story of Little Red Riding Hood that portrays Vanessa Lutz (Witherspoon) traversing through the perilous twists and turns of her daily life with shrewd discretion and a heart of gold. Her instincts always seem to guide her in the right direction until she runs into Dr. Bob Wolverton (Sutherland) on the way to see her long lost grandma, and her street smarts are put to the test, literally.

And hey it’s Ben’s Birthday celebration so he will be hosting! Additional festivities will include Video Juice and most likely a motley crew of DJ friends invading the saloon after the film. Come help him party out to one of his favorite movies ever!

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