Harlequin (1980) // 35mm // Sundays from the Vault

1980, 95 Mins., 35mm, PG

Harlequin is a delightfully bizarre metaphysical fiasco from Australian director-of-all-trades Simon Wincer (Lonesome Dove, The Phantom, D.A.R.Y.L.). The powerful senator Nick Rast (David Hemmings) is challenged not only by his bipartisan adversaries but by the arrival of a bewildering mystic (Robert Powell), whose cryptic displays of seemingly supernatural power disrupt every facet of the senator’s life. As the twists and turns keep coming for the senator’s political and personal life, it becomes more and more difficult to see the mysterious stranger as friend or foe…

January 27th // $5 // 7:30 PM

“Sundays from the Vault” is a series showcasing films from the G William Jones archive at SMU, specializing in regional oddities and long lost films that may not have been on the big screen for decades. All proceeds benefit the archive as well as the Top Ten Records project.

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