Kevin Smith’s Clerks – 35mm

Director: Kevin Smith

1994, USA, 92 min, 35mm - Mono, R

Language: English

“I’m not even supposed to be here today!”

Kevin Smith’s original DIY-16mm-shot 1994 indie film that changed the face of No-budget filmmaking comes to the Texas via an original 35mm B&W Blowup!

See the film and then come back Sat 11-2 to see Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes Live on stage + screenings of his new film “JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT”

“I worked in six convenience stores in New Jersey from 1989 to 1993, which is where Clerks came from.
Seeing Richard Linklater’s Slacker on my 21st birthday showed me that movies didn’t have to blow up the Death Star – they could just be a snapshot of where you were in life. Clerks came out of a demand for representation: there was a time when that world of dead-end jobs didn’t exist in the movies, when pop culture wasn’t the culture, when you didn’t see people who talked in movie quotes.” – Kevin Smith

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