Lost Soul: the Doomed Journey of “Island of Dr Moreau”

Director: David Gregory

2014, USA, 97 mins., Digital Cinema, NR

Language: English

The outlandish rumors behind the making of ‘90s sci-fi/horror THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU are the stuff of legend: a brilliant Young director who, after being fired after only a few days of shooting, clandestinely snuck back onto the set disguised as a “mutant animal” extra; actress Fairuza Balk fleeing across Australia to escape the scene; Marlon Brando insisting on appearing in whiteface, demanding that the world’s tiniest living human become his co-star; Val Kilmer’s on-set bad behavior living up to the hype of his reputation.

This doc reveals a true story far more nutz than those mostly-true rumors, and shows how the vision of gifted filmmaker Richard Stanley (HARDWARE) was blown to pieces by an unreal conflagration of especially bad decisions, torrential weather, giant egos, witchcraft, clueless studio suits and bizarre group behavior — to become one of the most magnificently derailed productions in Hollywood history. A must-see for all fans of behind-the-scenes movie madness. Also see Richard Stanley’s HARDWARE on Sat 1-25 and his new film COLOR OUT OF SPACE, opening 1-22!

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