Night of the Comet (35mm) – Sundays from the Vault

Director: Thom Eberhardt

1984, USA, 95 Mins., 35mm - Mono, PG-13

Language: English

NIGHT OF THE COMET is a real crowd pleaser, a gem of 1984 splendor with 3 key elements that have made it an enduring cult classic – two tough-as-nails female protagonists, the end of the world, and ZOMBIES. Catherine Mary Stewart (The Apple, a million Hallmark Channel movies) and Kelli Maroney (Chopping Mall!) are sisters who miraculously survive a comet impact that seems to have wiped out the rest of the planet. So what do two Valley girls do now that they are seemingly the only people left in LA…? Go shopping! And that’s all fun and games until they discover there are some unexpected survivors of the blast.

Sundays from the Vault is a series showcasing the G William Jones Film and Video Collection at SMU. We look forward to programming a wide array of genre films to demonstrate the massive range of this amazing collection of 35mm and 16mm movies and shorts. Ticket sales will benefit the collection and its partnership with Top Ten Records. Check out the info below!


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