North Texas Universities Film Festival

2019, NR

North Texas Universities Film Festival

North Texas Universities Film Festival, an annual exhibition of the best of SMU, UTA and UNT March 5th at 7:30 pm at the Texas Theatre-Free!

The Department of Art and Art History at UTA has an excellent reputation for grooming young filmmakers, preparing them for the creative challenges and emotional rigors of the motion picture industry. Success by graduates has not come by luck or chance but is the result of the deliberate execution of a well-designed, three-tiered program consisting of an introductory level of foundations, an intermediate level to hone technical skills, and an advanced level to produce high-quality portfolio work.

UNT Media Arts The Department of Media Arts provides a diverse yet integrated liberal arts learning environment to prepare students for careers as informed media consumers and practitioners. Their mission seeks to lay foundations for professional and academic careers as media producers, managers, programmers, researchers, and scholars. Our department provides students with rigorous academic experiences in critical writing, thinking, and understanding as it applies to media industries, production, and culture. Central to the department is the commitment to nurture imagination, spark creativity, and cultivate strategic thinking and artistic expression for an ever-expanding and diverse population. Our mission seeks to promote excellence in higher education while providing opportunities for students in artistic, commercial and scholarly venues.

SMU Meadows Division of Film and Media Arts is devoted to training and mentoring students to become artists in film and media. Alumni enjoy careers as directors, screenwriters, producers, cinematographers, media executives, and artistic directors, with work ranging from documentaries and shorts and feature-length films to television series and online digital videos. Alumni projects have included work on Lincoln, August Rush, Jurassic Park, Supernatural, King of the Hill, Wishbone, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and other well-known productions.

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