PSA. Presents: O FANTASMA (2000)

PSA. Presents O Fantasma

Joao Pedro Rodrgues’s debut O Fantasma has aged beyond its initial appraisal as gay erotica, and described during a recent revival of Rodrigues’s work on Criterion Channel as a “fearless [exploration] of queer identity, alienation, and desire.” The film follows Sergio, a young handsome trash collector in Lisbon, who becomes obsessed with a muscular swimmer at a public lap pool. This obsession naturally finds Sergio stalking and ultimately stealing discarded trunks from the unwitting object of his attention. Poetic comparisons to canine compulsions lead us to realise an undercurrent of subtext that make Sergio’s irrational choices feel both natural and beautiful. The final act will conjure memories of our recent screening of Tropical Malady, but with a bit more latex fugue state.

PSA. is proud to bring this rare screening of O Fantasma, the third part of a micro series Wayward Romance: an investigation into transgressive desires, queerness and kink. This film was preceded by Tsai Ming Liang’s Vive L’Amour and Michael Hanake’s The Piano Teacher.

This screening was made possible by the Arts Activate Grant from the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture

PSA (Pleasure Style Attitude) is an ongoing film series programmed by Daniel Laabs & Tony Nguyen showcasing films that amplify underrepresented voices and cultivate discussions of queerness, politics, aesthetics, class and race. PSA, through curation, encourages heterogeneity, accessibility, multiplicity, and curiosity.

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