6/25 3:15 PM

The Rio Grande river cuts through 1200 miles of harsh and unforgiving desert, dividing Texas from Mexico.

U.S. Border agent Angel Waters comes across what would normally be a routine illegal crossing, but it quickly devolves into his worst nightmare as he pulls a dying immigrant from the river. Barely clinging to life, the immigrant utters, “El Paso, por favor”. This dying request is one Angel cannot grant, but soon will wish he had.

In a tragic twist of fate the immigrant is killed while being held at a remote border outpost. Under the cover of darkness, Angel and his two fellow border agents bury the body deep in the desert in an unmarked grave. They swear an oath of silence, but it’s a silence the deceased migrant refuses to accept.

Days later Angel is called back to the river where he finds the SAME migrant at the river’s edge. The man calmly utters the same bone chillingly request, “El Paso, por favor”.

In a world divided, Angel will soon learn that divisions only run so deep.

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Sunday, Jun 25
3:15 PM