OCFF 2021

OCFF – Cinema 16 Shorts

2021, Digital Cinema, NR


Cinema 16 (Experimental) Shorts

A city of brick, tin and board, rent by internal tectonics and sliding into the sea.


Cinema 16 (Experimental) Shorts

You never know when someone is miscarrying; it could be happening right next to you.

Field Resistence

Cinema 16 (Experimental) Shorts

Charging scenes of the present with dystopian speculation, Field Resistance blurs the boundaries between documentary filmmaking and science fiction to investigate overlooked environmental devastation in the overlooked state of Iowa.

Earth had issues Loading…

Cinema 16 (Experimental) Shorts

A meditation on the relationship between humans, nature, and technology. “First we build the tools, then they built us.”

There Were Four of Us

Cinema 16 (Experimental) Shorts

In a room, there are four people.

It’s the Knees

Cinema 16 (Experimental) Shorts

It’s not the singularity that brings forth the robotic annihilation of the human race, IT’S THE KNEES! (A Found Footage Sci-Fi VHS Glitch Tape)

New Gods

Cinema 16 (Experimental) Shorts

User LonerWolf58 is part of the incel community. They consider themselves as involuntary celibate. His videos have been reported for violent and terrorist content. I have to make him disappear from the net.

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