OCFF 2021

OCFF – We Need To Do Something

Director: Sean King O'Grady

2021, USA, 97 mins., Digital Cinema, NR

Language: English

For teenager Melissa, family dysfunction is the norm. When a freak tornado traps Melissa inside the family home’s bathroom with her parents and younger brother, those rifts are exacerbated. As their confinement within the increasingly-more-claustrophobic-by-the-hour lavatory stretches to multiple days, the situation grows extremely volatile. But there’s more than just hard feelings threatening the family. Something evil is beyond the walls, toying with them. Is this the family’s reckoning at the hands of a higher power? Or was it unintentionally triggered by Melissa and her girlfriend, Amy? Whatever the cause is, one thing’s for certain: All hell is about to break loose.


Filmmakers Sean King O’Grady & Max Booth in attendance.

R.I.Y.L – The Exterminating Angel, The Craft, The Evil Dead

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