Parasite – B&W Version!

Director: Bong Joon Ho

2019, South Korea, 132 mins., Digital Cinema - 5.1 Dolby Digital, R

Language: Korean | English

PARASITE has won four Academy Awards including Best PictureDirectingInternational Feature Film and Writing (Original Screenplay). Not only that, but it also became the first non-English language film in Oscar history to win the award for Best Picture. Writer, Director and Producer Bong Joon Ho won all three of the categories for which he was nominated. PARASITE was also the first film from South Korea to be nominated for International Feature Film!

Special B&W Version is now screening!   “I’m extremely happy to present PARASITE in black and white and have it play on the big screen. It will be fascinating to see how the viewing experience changes when an identical film is presented in black and white. I watched the black and white version twice now, and at times the film felt more like a fable and gave me the strange sense that I was watching a story from old times.”

“The second time I watched it, the film felt more realistic and sharp as if I was being cut by a blade. It also further highlighted the actors’ performances and seemed to revolve more around the characters. I had many fleeting impressions of this new version, but I do not wish to define them before it is presented. I hope everyone in the audience can compare their own experiences from the color version and find their own path to PARASITE in black and white.” – Director Bong Joon Ho

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