Richard Stanley’s Hardware – 35mm

Director: Richard Stanley

1990, UK | USA, 94 mins., 35mm - Dolby SR, R

Language: English

No Flesh Shall Be Spared when Richard Stanley’s 1990 sci-fi-robot-horror masterpiece returns to the Texas Theatre in post-apocalyptic-rare-35mm!

In Hardware, a nomad scavenger (Dylan McDermott) treks through an irradiated wasteland and discovers a buried robot. The head of the cyborg reactivates, rebuilds itself, and goes on a violent rampage in McDermott’s girlfriend’s apartment!

Also featuring Iggy Pop, Lemmy and a soundtrack with score by Simon Boswell (Santa Sangre) + P.I.L, Iggy Pop, Ministry and the London Symphony Orchestra!

The success of Hardware would put Stanley on the filmmaking map that would lead to the 1992 film Dust Devil and eventually the job of helming the large budget studio film – The Island of Dr. Moreau; a film he would eventually be fired from and go into filmmaking seclusion until the 2020 release of his new film COLOR OUT OF SPACE! (opening at the Texas on 1-22)

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