Sleepaway Camp with Felissa Rose Live Q&A

10/23 8:30PM

Felissa Rose Live intro and Q/A! This is an INDOOR screening with exremely limited capacity of 100 people (16% of the Texas Theatre auditorium) Also Felissa’s merch table will be avail via socially distanct setting out front of the theater.

SLEEPAWAY CAMP is one of the most iconic horror films of the 80s, exploring coming-of-age themes like bullying, sexuality and gender from the perspective of young Angela Baker, played by the inimitable Felissa Rose.

Felissa has starred in several other films (Slaughter Party, Zombiegeddon, Corpses are Forever, Satan’s Playground, etc.) and reprised her role as Angela in Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008). Melissa produced music videos for SLAYER in 2016. Most recently she starred in Victor Crowley and Family Possessions, both released in 2018.  Felissa Rose will be at the screening and believe us, she is the sweetest!

This October the Texas Theatre invites you to experience a select group of films in
a variety of ways. Outside we present our continuing SUNSET DRIVE-IN series and INSIDE  a return to programming with extra safety precautions taken to make sure our customers feel at ease.
A limited run of shows inside under the CinemaSafe guidelines will be held to 100 people or less and feature some of our signature multi-media events, including a live ballet intro to NIGHTMARE on ELM STREET, a live Q&A for SLEEPAWAY CAMP and a Halloween-Night LIVE SCORE event with INVINCIBLE CZARS.


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