Society – 35mm – Director Brian Yuzna in attendance!

Director: Brian Yuzna

1989, USA | Japan, 99 mins., 35mm - Dolby SR, R

Language: English

“If you don’t belong, they’ll eat you alive”

Co-Presented by FANGORIA

Its the 30th anniversary of your favorite bourgeois class war body horror movie of 1989 (if you had seen it in 1989!)

Stick around after the screening for a VIP bourgeoisie-alien-class-war Party in the saloon with DJ CMAC!

Filmmaker Brian Yuzna (Stuart Gordon’s writing/ producing partner from HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS and The RE-ANIMATOR Series) will be in attendance for Q/A and traveling to the Texas Theatre with his own rare 35mm print of SOCIETY !

Society is the very late 80’s story of a Beverly Hills teenager who finds his wealthy parents and pretty much everyone he knows are part of a gruesome alien cult for the social elite. The film’s legendary ending was inspired by a surrealist painting by Salvidor Dali and carried out by practical FX maestro Screaming Mad George (Big Trouble Little China, Bride of Re-Animator, Freaked)

“One of cinema’s greatest finales” – The Guardian

“No one who sees the last half-hour of this movie will ever forget it — though quite a few may want to” – LA Times

Rated “R,” for bizarre sexuality (!), violence, language!

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