The Love Witch – 35mm

Director: Anna Biller

2016, USA, 120 mins., 35mm, Dolby Digital, NR

Language: English

She loved men… to death!
Anna Biller’s spectacularly stylized and spellbinding cinematic fantasy pays tribute to the Technicolor thrillers of the ‘60s, while casting its own distinctive spell in exploring genre gender politics through sex, death, and comedy. The film follows a modern-day sorceress (Samantha Robinson from Tarantino’s upcoming Once Upon A Time In Hollywood! ), whose powers to make men fall in love with her will drive her to the brink of insanity.

The Love Witch was shot and edited on film and is a must see projected on glorious and bloody 35mm! Two shows only!

Part one of our Witchy Weekend with THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT + THE VViTCH !

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