PSA. Presents: THE PIANO TEACHER (2001)

PSA. Presents The Piano Teacher

In a career of consisting of only iconic roles, Isabelle Huppert’s portrayal of a sexually repressed piano teacher in Vienna should be considered a defining one. Hanake’s formal realism exposes every hint of vulnerability in Huppert’s performance to the point of near cruelty. Their collaborative commitment to bringing Nobel Prize Winner author Elfriede Jelinek’s source material into reality makes for a sometimes cold portrait, but in doing so find the soul of a human deprogramming her relationship to her own pleasure via her lust for a handsome university student. It is Hanake so maybe don’t expect a happy ending, but do expect a breathless edge of your seat tension that finds a satisfying release in both its sadness and defiance.

PSA. is proud to bring this 2019 restoration of The Piano Teacher as part of a micro series Wayward Romance: an investigation into transgressive desires, queerness and kink. Michael Hanake’s The Piano Teacher is the second of three screenings precededed by Tsai Ming Liang’s Vive L’Amour and followed by Joao Pedro Rodrigues’ O Fantasma.

This screening was made possible by the Arts Activate Grant from the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture

PSA (Pleasure Style Attitude) is an ongoing film series programmed by Daniel Laabs & Tony Nguyen showcasing films that amplify underrepresented voices and cultivate discussions of queerness, politics, aesthetics, class and race. PSA, through curation, encourages heterogeneity, accessibility, multiplicity, and curiosity.

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