The Public Access Show – Live Comedy


Performers! Puppets! People! A brand new program of vintage cable access weirdness!

In 1969 the FCC enacted legislation requiring cable television operators to provide free production services and channel space to the community—a true non-commercial platform for the people. The result was Public Access Television, the locally driven, often bizarre, and charmingly amateurish homemade TV programs occupying space at the far end of the dial. Now, public access is back!

We’ve scoured the depths of YouTube, local community television Facebook groups, and good old fashion VHS tapes to curate an all new program of wonderfully weird videos you won’t see anywhere else. Expect creepy puppets, tone dead singers, and totally inept dance numbers presented in all their lo-fi glory. Your host for the evening, Adam Papagan, is also bringing along some choice nuggets from his personal video collection. Adam is an outspoken supporter of community television and longtime producer/host of The Del Talk Show and The ASMR Talk Show. He is also creator of The O.J. Simpson Tour and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tour.

Q and A to follow. The only way to tune in is in person. No cable subscription required.

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