TNT 122: Scorched Heat (1987)

Director: Peter Borg

1987, Sweden, 90 mins., NR

Language: English

“Plågade av kriminella och jagade av en fasansfull ondska som är starkare än döden själv…”

Dallas record exec Steve (Harald Treutiger) is summoned back to his native Sweden by estranged friend Eric, who’s being tormented by the vengeful ghost of an a-hole teacher they accidentally burned alive as children. At this point anyone with an iota of common sense would realize that ghosts are generally incapable of crossing the Atlantic and make some excuse to stay put. However, common sense would have cut SCORCHED HEAT’s runtime down to about 15 minutes so instead Steve and his equally dumb wife Linda hop on a plane and next thing you know they’re vomiting maggots and trying not to accidentally shoot each other in the face.

SCORCHED HEAT is an English-language Horror rarity from Sweden, a condition which gives the proceedings a decidedly unique eurotrash vibe. Imagine a Mentos commercial drank a bottle of cough syrup and passed out in a funeral home and you’re in the neighborhood. For your money you get a solid 80s synth soundtrack, inexplicably engaging supernatural mayhem, and one of the goofiest biker gangs this side of a Godfrey Ho film.
Director Peter Borg went on to direct a killer kids flick with a lot of the same crew and the intriguingly titled REDNEX THE MOVIE (1998). Treutiger went on to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992. You already know way too much.

Heads roll at 9:15. Free Admission. Skål!

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