TNT 123: Bloody Moon (1981)

“Don’t Panic… It only happens once in a… BLOODY MOON”

Nubile foreign exchange students are being stalked on the campus of the International Youth-Club Boarding School of Languages. There you go.

BLOODY MOON suffered a limited US release during the Texas Theatre’s grindhouse heyday so we’re finally putting things right Tuesday night. It’s PIECES’ stylish cousin, featuring every Slasher movie cliché in existence refracted through the unique sensibilities of hyper-prolific Spanish trashlord Jesus Franco. Positively bursting with sleaze, hysterical dubbing, and glorious 80s fashions (including a Grace Jones sweatshirt I would stab somebody for) all orchestrated to Gerhard Heinz’s excellent soundtrack. Primo, uncut Eurotrash utterly devoid of any socially redeeming qualities whatsoever. This one would have had them ripping up the seats back in ’81. Free Admission. Heads roll at 9:15.

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