TNT 124 – The Last Horror Film aka Fanatic (35mm)

Director: David Winters

1982, USA, 87 mins., 35mm, Mono, R

Language: English

The Last Horror Film aka FANATIC is a tantalizing Troma release that follows Vinny, a film-obsessed weirdo played by Joe Spinell (Maniac, Taxi Driver, Rocky), as his compulsion draws him to the Cannes film festival to track down the leading lady he desperately wants to star in his magnum opus. His methods are somewhat … unprofessional … and things get crazy as people close to Jana Bates (played by Caroline Munro) start to disappear.

Directed by mega B-movie producer/director David Winters (Deadly Prey, Thrashin’, Killer Workout to name a few) this movie was shot guerrilla-style, no permits, in and around the 1982 Cannes Film Festival and delivers on all cylinders. A well executed plot with frequent whirlwind pacing, a great ending and a steaming pile of gore and nudity on top. We couldn’t be more proud to show this bad boy right after Texas Frightmare Weekend and on glorious 35mm celluloid on loan from the G William Jones Film and Video Archive at SMU!

As always admission is FREE, vendors in the lobby and drinks in the saloon

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