TNT 126 // The Lords of Magick (VHS)

Director: David Marsh

1989, USA, 98 mins., VHS, PG-13

Language: English

THE LORDS OF MAGICK is a special gem – a passion project that could only have been born at the height of home video distribution … 1989! Two small-time sorcerer brothers must defeat the evil wizard, Salatin, who has captured the princess. In the process the brothers manage to teleport themselves to 1989 southern California… for whatever reason. There they find themselves lost in a strange new world, but with only one mission… to rescue Lina! Or Luna… it’s hard to tell because they never say her name but the credits…. ANYWAYS… It’s a terrifically ambitious SOV romp through time and space that will have you thinking “man, that could easily have been 25 minutes shorter!”

As always, TNT is FREE!! 9:15 PM at the Texas Theatre

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