TNT 127 // The Demolitionist (1995)

Director: Robert Kurtzman

1995, USA | Canada, 89 mins., Digital Cinema, R

Language: English

THE DEMOLITIONIST, directed by mega-prolific SFX dude Robert Kurtzman, features Nicole Eggert and Richard (freakin’) Grieco in this not-even-trying-to-hide-it-Robocop-ripoff. Even though it was shot in Canada, Kurtzman flashes the Dallas skyline like half a dozen times just for fun. And just for good measure we’ve got Tom Savini, Jack Nance, and the inimitable Susan Tyrrell rounding out this killer cast. This movie is a ridiculous straight-to-tape hunk-a-junk that is gonna transport you back to a simpler time, a paradise we called … 1995.

Bring yer crew, get a drink at the bar, and save your ticket money for the vendors because as always TNT is FREEEE!
August 13th, 9:15PM

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