TNT 128 – Radical Jack + Live Stunt Fight and MORE!

Director: James Allen Bradley

2000, USA, 95 Mins., Digital Cinema, NR

Language: English

RADICAL JACK is the wildly low-rated action flick starring the Maestro of Mulletude himself, BILLY RAY CYRUS! Between his appearance on “The Love Boat: The Next Wave” and a cameo as “Gene Clean” in Mulholland Drive, Billy Ray graced the straight-to-video screen with a film that one IMDB reviewer calls, “Road House meets Stone Cold on the way to the clearance bin”. And what better way to celebrate the end of summer than to watch this hunk of burning love with 100 or so of your closest friends and several adult beverages!

And if that wasn’t enough, we are offering a special experience for all your achy breaky little black hearts! A LIVE STUNT FIGHT that you can be in! Action P.A.C. Stunts, L.L.C. is run by John Cann, a 30-year veteran of the film industry, with such credits as Machete, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Batman Forever, Tango & Cash, Predator 2, Blood In Blood Out, Miss Congeniality, Streets of Blood, Dallas, The Walking Dead, and more than 50 EPISODES of Walker Texas Ranger!!! John has agreed to host a stunt choreography class behind-the-screen as well as a real live staged bar fight! And you can be in it! John has offered discounted registration and TNT will offer an additional discount to a few fans that want to be a part of TNT history! Check out their website and sign up!

AND there’s more… we will be also have trivia for special prizes, a Radical Jack drinking game, and a very special intermission extravaganza in 3-D… but that’s all we can tell you right now!

AAAAANNNND after all that, there will be a very special performance in the lobby from DJ FLEX BUFFCHEST in the flesh!

As always TNT is FREE… 9:15…Drinks in the Saloon and Vendors in the Lobby… Fights Behind the Screen

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