TNT 130 Empire of the Dark (1990)

Director: Steve Barkett

1990, USA, 93 mins., Digital Cinema, NR

Language: English

This November Tuesday Night Trash proudly presents EMPIRE OF THE DARK (1990) a doughy stepdad fever dream starring auteur Steve Barkett as Richard Flynn, a sweatpants-clad broadsword master with a velcro wallet full of regret.
Twenty years after the love of his life is sacrificed by a satanic cult Richard must team up with an orphan and an old colleague on the force to end their reign of terror once and for all.
Steve – who bears a striking resemblance to Bob Odenkirk – handled pretty much everything in this movie from directing to securing his mother’s house as the primary shooting location to fathering his costar, Christopher Barkett, who plays his son in an inspired bit of casting.
Endearingly goofy DIY Action / Horror delivered so earnestly that you can’t help but root for everyone responsible + Plenty of stop-motion demons, rotoscope, and practical effects to satiate the discerning 80s VHS fetishist. Free admission as always. Heads roll at 9:15 PM.

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