TNT 131 Winterbeast (1992) + A TNT Country Christmas

Director: Christopher Thies

1992, USA, 80 mins., Digital Cinema, NR

Language: English

“I’ve been reading about that pole of ours… From what it says in here we could be in deep shit.”

Stop motion demons & killer totem poles run amok in rural Massachusetts after a flamboyant lunatic opens a gateway to hell.
Charming straight-to-video MADNESS assembled from film shot between 1986 and the early ’90s, featuring effects left over from a Dokken video plus Disney’s Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House LP thrown in for good measure.
We screened this for about a dozen lucky people years ago in the Safe Room but it deserves to be seen by as many heads as humanly possible. (Definitely not phoning it in programming-wise because of the Holidays.- T)
Feature preceded by our annual TNT Country Christmas wintry mix, a family tradition since 2010.

FREE ADMISSION! Show starts 9:15ish.

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