TNT 132 – Geteven aka Road to Revenge (1993, VHS)

Director: John De Hart, James Paradise

1993, USA, 90 mins., VHS, NR

Language: English

GETEVEN is the passion project of John De Hart, a Los Angeles lawyer with a lust for justice, beer, line dancing, boobs, and more justice. Featuring TNT alum WINGS HAUSER (The Art of Dying, Nightmare at Noon, Beastmaster 2), T&A starlet Pamela Jean Bryant (Lunchwagon, Looker, Don’t Answer the Phone) and brutal baddie William Smith (Manosaurus, Legend of the Roller Blade Seven, Return of the Roller Blade Seven), this film is basically Empire of the Dark plus Radical Jack.

Chock full of should’ve-been-cutting-room-floor takes, lame action, bad sound, dumb country music, reeeaaalllyy awkward love scenes and a fully cocainize Wings Hauser, this film is one you’ll never forget. DON’T MISS IT!!

As always TNT is FREE, starts at 9:15PM

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