TNT 133 – DANCE OR DIE (VHS) + Valentine’s Clipshow

Director: Richard W. Munchkin

1987, USA, 90 mins., VHS - Dolby Stereo, NR

Language: English

TNT 133 is DANCE OR DIE, written and directed by the esteemed Richard W Munchkin and starring some people.
Jason is an aspiring choreographer who’s trying to kick the devil’s chalk so he can get his troupe in tip top shape for their big WEIRD performance. But his roommate, the neighborhood snowblower, is always up to no good and before you know it they’re both mixed up with some baddies. Will Jason be able to get the gang fit and ready for their really big and *REALLY WEIRD* performance? Will he be able to cure his white line fever before his roomie’s dealer buddies put the squeeze on them both? Will there be REALLY WEIRD dancing the whole time..? I guess we’ll have to find out.

This movie has the *most infectious* hair metal title song. You will be singing it forever. The theme song alone makes Dance or Die great, but this movie really is a video classic, ambitious and enthusiastic from cover to cover. We will be watching it on glorious VHS.

TNT 133 will begin promptly at 9:15 with a very special Valentine’s Clipshow from Travis to preheat the oven if you know what we mean.


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