TNT Presents: CHERRY 2000 – 35MM

Tuesday Night Trash Presents: CHERRY 2000 on 35MM!

In the bleak, desert-y future of 2017, successful business man Sam Treadwell has it all. But when his doting android wife gets soapy water on her brain chip and short-circuits, he is devastated. Now he must traverse the treacherous Zone 7 to replace the chassis on his rare Cherry 2000. But he can’t do it without the best tracker in all the land…. drumroll…… Melanie Griffith?! Watch as she drives her old rusty Mustang through hilariously impossible stunts and explosions to get the “girl” for her client. Is all that trouble worth it for computer love, or is there something better out there still yet to be discovered?

This classic box office flop features supporting roles from TNT all-stars Tim Thomerson, Brion James and Robert Z’Dar, as well as a juicy cameo from Lawrence Fishburne.

Cherry 2000 will be screened via gorgeous restrike 35mm print, so it will be a faithful rendering of the movie-going experience horny teenagers had in 1987. Join us!

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