TNT Presents: IF LOOKS COULD KILL (1991)

Tuesday Night Trash and Texas Theatre are proud to present one of the finest graduation films starring Richard Grieco ever devoted to film. Also starring Gabrielle Anwar, Linda Hunt, Roger Daltrey, this film was co-written by the inimitable Fred Dekker (Monster Squad, Night of the Creeps) and Darren Star who would go on to write for Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place.

This paper-thin premise presents high school senior Michael Corben (Grieco) who must go with the French club to Paris so he can graduate. But when a case of mistaken identity strikes at the airport, Michael is whisked away into a world of espionage, intrigue and that lady who was the principal from Kindergarten Cop. There’s gadgets galore, danger, absolutely endless one-liners from Grieco and shirt collars that transform into giant whips.

This 30 year anniversary screening will be at a 1991 price as well, $6.25, CHEAP! So save up your lunch money and have a drink at the bar of the world famous Texas Theatre with some friends and your buds, Tuesday Night Trash!

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