TNT149: THE CLUB (1994, VHS)

Director: Brenton Spencer

1994, Canada, 93 mins., Digital Cinema, R

Language: English

THE CLUB is a hunkajunk that came out of a random box of tapes a while back and we think it will be the perfect dumbass prom flick to welcome you back indoors with… that’s right, we are back indoors and FREE!

Seriously, this movie is what TNT is all about – a video obscurity that you might never want to see again but you’ll be glad to share it with friends and booze at the historic Texas Theatre. It has elements of all the Nightmare films, but also not really. It stars JH Wyman (Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil), Andrea Roth (hecka Lifetime Crime movies) and Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy and a million other things). It was directed by Brenton Spencer who also directed “Blown Away” with Corey Haim and Nicole Eggert, so how can you afford to miss the maestro’s only other feature film credit that wasn’t made for TV? YA CAN’T. And it’s a free show anyways so heh.

We are so happy that TNT is INSIDE and FREE but we are still asking for mask participation in the lobby in keeping with Cinemasafe guidelines. Obviously as situations evolve we will too, so for now let’s be respectful and play it safe, hot shot!

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