10/5 9:15 PM

Welp we couldn’t decide whether to go with something spooky for October or something kung fu-y because it’s been a little while, so we did em both with the Shaw Brothers’ insane masterpiece BOXER’S OMEN. This film is like if Alejandro Jodorowski directed Bloodsport. It even has Bolo Yeung as the bad guy Thai boxer. This film is beautiful, psychedelic, terrifying, and amazingly fun. You will never forget this piece of cinema history as long as you live.

Be there, 9:15PM FREE at the historic Texas Theatre as we kick off what will be an October to remember! And of course we’ll have friends in the lobby sellin’ thangs so don’t be afraid to show up early and enjoy some adult beverages with us!

Showtimes & Tickets

Tuesday, Oct 5
9:15 PM