11/2 9:15 PM

Years after a series of gruesome deaths left the property abandoned a sprawling Los Angeles home is re-occupied by a swinging new landlord and a bevy of shapely spandex fans. Soon after a malevolent force begins forcibly evicting souls from bodies, pausing occasionally to allow the cast time to levitate household objects and frolic in the hot tub before a climactic psychic battle between good and evil.
The idiosyncratic result of New Age spirituality colliding head on with tacky, low budget gore, Boardinghouse (1982) staked its place in cinema history as the first shot on video Horror film, a medium that until then had largely been the domain of pornographers and adds much to the sleazy ambiance of the whole affair. Written, directed, and starring musicians/Sai Baba disciples Johnima and Kalassu Wintergate on a budget of $10,000 Boardingouse was actually blown up to 35mm and screened in theatres – including the Texas – before going on to achieve cult status on video. Primo trash for discerning bottom feeders, presented in HORROR VISION and now courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive + Bleeding Skull!

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Tuesday, Nov 2
9:15 PM