TNT173: REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD GIRLS (1987) + Folies Meurtrières (1984, short)

6/6 9:15 PM

TNT French Sleaze Double Feature!

Folies Meurtrières (d. Antoine Pellissier 1984)

Way underground French short about a killer stalking attractive young people in the French countryside. Nearly dialog free and filmed on 8mm for maximum art damage, Folies…constructs a vibe of its own with camera malfunctions, a lo-fi casio ambience, and liberal doses of trash surrealism. Not for civilians.

La revanche des mortes vivantes aka Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (d. Pierre B. Reinhard 1987)

A chemical company dumps toxic waste in a graveyard while
environmentalists poison milk with the same chemicals? We must have missed some crucial expository dialog while we were in the bathroom. For whatever reason nubile young women are dropping dead and returning as butterface zombies. Or are they? Like many Porn directors of the 80s director Pierre B. Reinhard dipped some portion of his anatomy into the Horror genre and delivered this stupid, tasteless film jam packed with nudity, gore, and awful dubbing. Bon appetit!


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Tuesday, Jun 6
9:15 PM