Trouble Every Day -35mm- Directed by Claire Denis

Director: Claire Denis

2001, France | Germany | Japan, 101 min, 35mm, Dolby Digital, NR

Language: French | English

Claire Denis’ 2001 melancholic-erotic-vampire-horror oddity details the story of newlywed Shane (Vincent Gallo) and his wild-eyed ex-lover Coré (Béatrice Dalle) who both crave human blood when aroused.

Special 35mm re-issue!

This screening is part of our Month Long Women Filmmaker Series Co-Presented by Women Texas Film Festival .

This is what Claire thinks when people call her a “female filmmaker” :
“Female director? I feel like I am an animal. I am a female director like this is a female bird. No, I am a director – good or bad I don’t know. But I am a woman.”

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