4/6 9:15PM

It’s Jaws without a shark and 100% more wet t-shirt contests.

A killer on a custom murdercycle is dispatching spring breakers in a variety of ridiculous -albeit gruesome- ways. As the bodies pile up the mayor and PD find it increasingly difficult to keep the murders a secret. Despite most of the victims being co-eds this still manages to be less hostile towards women than 99% of contemporaneous spring break comedies.

Starring the legendary John Saxon (RIP), Colonel Decker from The A-Team and a bunch of other people who decided maybe acting wasn’t for them after appearing in this thing.

Wonderfully trashy late 80s mayhem at only a fraction of the cost of a flight to Cabo.
The Texas Theatre is sometimes a mini-drive-in the parking lot behind the theater facing Sunset Ave! This is Drive-in style, meaning you will listen to the movie from the comfort of your car on the radio! (bring a radio with a digital tuner or make sure your car can operate in Accessory mode)

– Lot opens at 8:15pm! (enter via Sunset)

– Movie at 9:15pm!

– Snacks, Drinks and merch avail to order via your phone and will be delivered to your car via a Team Texas Theatre member wearing a mask!

– This is a socially distant screening! Please stay in your car. Texas Theatre restooms will be avail. (Masks required to go inside to use restroom)

– Only 35 tickets will be sold! (only 1 ticket needed per car)

The Texas Theatre Sunset Drive In is co-presented by the Oak Cliff Cultural Center and the Oak Cliff Film Society.

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