PSA. Presents Vive L’Amour

A realtor, her lover, and Hsiao-kang (Lee Kang-sheng) are all squatting in an empty luxury apartment tower in Taipei in Tsai Ming Liang’s Golden Lion winning follow up feature to his debut Rebels of the Neon God (which features the debut of Tsai’s Doinel-esque hero Hsaio-kang). Here Hsiao-kang finds himself living in an empty bedroom of the apartment currently used as a rendezvous spot by the unit’s realtor and her lover. During his stay he experiments with gender expression, fixates on a watermelon, and crushes on the realtor’s lover. This unbeknownst trist leads to a series of unexpected twists and an unforgettable emotional climax.

PSA. is proud to bring this new 2022 restoration of Vive L’Amour as part of a micro series Wayward Romance: an investigation into transgressive desires, queerness and kink. Tsai Ming Liang’s Vive L’Amour is the first of three screenings followed by Michael Hanake’s The Piano Teacher and Joao Pedro Rodrigues’ O Fantasma.

This screening was made possible by the Arts Activate Grant from the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture

PSA (Pleasure Style Attitude) is an ongoing film series programmed by Daniel Laabs & Tony Nguyen showcasing films that amplify underrepresented voices and cultivate discussions of queerness, politics, aesthetics, class and race. PSA, through curation, encourages heterogeneity, accessibility, multiplicity, and curiosity.

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