In the 1950’s, as studios and theatre owners were reeling from the effect television was causing their business, the ROADSHOW was developed as a way to boost Box Office revenues and to enhance the overall moviegoing experience. Instead of a wide release of the most popular and prestigious titles, these films would be released in very few theatres nationwide, usually in one large capacity theatre per city.

The Roadshow experience was designed to make seeing the film an event. It borrowed traditions from the opera and from theatre. The Managers and Staff would often wear black tie to greet customers. A souvenir program was available for sale.

The Texas Theatre and The Majestic Theatre will offer the following Roadshow presentations.


2001: A Space Odyssey – Aug. 31-Sept. 6 (The Texas Theatre)

The Sound of Music – Sept. 9 (The Majestic Theatre)

Lawrence of Arabia – Sept. 30 (The Texas Theatre)

Oklahoma – Oct. 7th (The Majestic Theatre)