11-22-63- JFK 60 Day

The Texas Theatre will honor the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s fateful trip to Dallas with a special memorial experience on Friday, November 22nd, 2023.

The theatre doors will open at 12:45pm, followed by an extended edition partial screening of WAR IS HELL at 1:20pm (the film that Oswald snuck into), followed by a full screening of CRY OF BATTLE at 2:45pm. Individual ticket prices for these screenings will be 90 cents. The lobby will be open to the public throughout the day and will have on display a photo exhibit curated by John Slate from The Dallas Municipal Archives detailing Lee Harvey Oswald’s presence in Oak Cliff.

At 6:30pm, the ticketed evening program begins with an on-stage theatrical re-creation of the Warren Commission interviews with the Texas Theatre’s employees, Julia Postal and Butch Burroughs, as well as John Brewer, the man who noticed Lee Harvey Oswald enter the Texas Theatre. The live performance is titled “He Shoulda’ Bought a Ticket”, and is directed by Eric Steele and starring Max Hartman and Dian Bachar.

Following the performance, the stage will be reset for an 7:30pm director’s cut
presentation of Oliver Stone’s JFK.

11/22/23 Details:
– Doors open (12:45pm)
– WAR IS HELL screening (1:20pm) – 90 cents
– CRY OF BATTLE screening (2:45pm) – 90 cents
– Open lobby tours and Oak Cliff photo exhibit (12:45pm – 7pm)
– “He Shoulda Bought a ticket” live staged reading (6:30pm)
– Directors cut presentation of JFK (7:30pm) – $15.90 – admission includes Warren Commission Report reading.

Showtimes & Tickets