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Outdoor Cinema

The ideal solution to the current pandemic conditions, Aviation Cinemas can bring the movie theatre experience to an outdoor space near you!
We offer different projectors and screens to fit your event, space, and budget.

Examples of available packages include:
Package 1 – 16ft Wide Screen + 5K Lumen Projector + 2 Speakers and/or Radio Transmitter
Package 2 – 16ft Wide Screen + 12K Lumen Projector + 2 Speakers and/or Radio Transmitter
Package 3 – 20ft Wide Screen + 12K Lumen Projector + 2 Speakers and/or Radio Transmitter
Package 4 – 20ft Wide Screen + DCP 15K Lumen Projector + 2 Speakers and/or Radio Transmitter

To enquire about holding an outdoor cinema event, please email barak@aviationcinemas.com.

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Technical Information
Auditorium Layout

The auditorium has a Dolby 5.1 Digital sound system, through which we route both film sound and live sound for introductions, Q&A’s, etc, as well as recorded music. We have two wired microphones and a number of stands available with any rental. Clients are welcome to bring additional and/or different XLR microphones for their event. The Texas does not provide a board operator for live music or panel discussions, but we are happy to put you in touch with one.
How to Book your Event

Email info@aviationcinemas.com for local film screening rentals, birthday parties, fundraisers, tours, & weddings. Email ashton@aviationcinemas.com for corporate events, brand promotions, or alcohol promotions.  Email barak@aviationcinemas.com if you are a promoter for touring Concerts, Podcasts or comedy.

A deposit of 1/2 the total rental cost is required to hold the date. The deposit is non-refundable within 30 days of the event. The balance is due one week prior to the event.

All rental blocks include both set-up and tear-down time. Please keep this in mind when booking.

All events must complete an event memo.

Booking also requires a completed credit card authorization form in lieu of a damage deposit. The card will not be charged for any portion of the booked rental but may be charged for damages or overage time.

Payments may be made by cheque (preferred), cash, money order, cashier’s cheque, or card.

Ticketing Information & Policies

Clients are welcome to sell their own tickets.

The rental party is solely responsible for any and all promotion of the event.

Example Rates during Pandemic Conditions
For a screening block of up to two-and-a-half hours, the evening rate is $500. Evening blocks are Sunday-Thursday.
Matinee blocks, which are available seven days a week, run $400.
These rates are for private use of the auditorium and include basic A/V support; rates for live events are available on request. For screening events, we will have our projectionist on hand. For all events, we have a manager on duty. If you would like to have the bar open during your event, there is an hourly fee. The fee can be reduced or waived at the theatre’s discretion.

Any caterer may provide food for an event; the Texas does not have an approved list. All beverages – hard and soft – must be purchased through the theatre.

Multiple types of bar set-up – open, cash, ticket, etc – are available. With any bar setup, the only alcohol for which you are charged is that served and any special orders (for example, a specific bubbly). In most cases we can accommodate requests for specific beverages (hard or soft) with two-to-three weeks’ notice.

Patrons may use any valet provider they choose.
The Texas Theatre is located at 231 West Jefferson Blvd, which is along the historic Jefferson Blvd shopping district and 3 blocks from the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. Click here for Driving Directions.
FREE Parking is available along Jefferson Blvd after 4pm (meters before 4pm are 25 cents/hour). FREE Parking is available at the Texas Theatre lot adjacent to the Bank of Texas, at the corner of Madison Ave and Centre St. Click here for Parking Map.

Filmmaker Services

4 Wall Screenings

Looking for a theatrical screening venue for your indie film? The Texas Theatre can help. We offer flexible 4-wall options for either a single show or a week-long engagement. Contact Mary Katherine at info@aviationcinemas.com for single shows.

Contact Barak at barak@aviationcinemas.com for multi-show engagement and rates.

Post Production/Color Correction Session Rentals

Want to see how your color/ FX and sound play in a theatrical setting? We have a 38-foot-wide movie screen on which to do compositing/ visual fx or color correction sessions. The Texas Theatre is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm for session rentals. 2K/ 4K QT or DCP Playback with 5.1 Dolby Sound Testing available.

Contact Barak at barak@aviationcinemas.com to book your session.

Dailies Screenings

The Texas Theatre offers great rates for producers and filmmakers looking to screen dailies or progress cuts for your private audience during the week Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. We can project 2K, 4K , QT, Blu-Ray, or direct from your computer.

16mm / 35mm (positive) dailies screenings available as well.

Contact Barak at barak@aviationcinemas.com

Cast/Crew Parties

Book a 2-3 hour block to show your film and invite your cast/crew/friends. Best rates are available during weekday evenings or late night. Concession and bar service available. Contact info@aviationcinemas.com.

Production Meetings
Have your production meeting in our upstairs lounge. FREE – during normal business hours if there’s not another upstairs event!
Production Office

Use the historic Texas Theatre as the production office for your independent film and receive full use of the space allocated to your production during normal business hours. Receive discounts on all other services listed above when renting production office space.Contact Mary Katherine at info@aviationcinemas.com

DCP Services
Get your short or feature delivered and fully TESTED for festival and theatrical exhibition. Look here for more info.