Mocky Horror Picture Show Riffs The Lawnmower Man

Mocky Horror Roasts The Lawnmower Man

Acclaimed horror writer Stephen King gave you nightmares with Pet Sematary, made you afraid of the dark with It and kept you up at night with Creepshow.

Now the master of horror will make you shiver with terror once again with The Lawnmower Man, the 1993 adaptation of King’s short story that completely ignored the writer’s initial vision for its own weird, 90s computer fever dream that King actually sued to have his name taken off the project.
The Lawnmower Man may not have been King’s liking but that means it’s perfect for the Mocky Horror Picture Show (mockyhorror.com), Dallas’ only live, interactive, movie mocking comedy at the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff!
Comedians Liz Barksdale, Danny Gallagher and Albie Robles riff on a movie in the theater while you watch it. They also throw prompts on the screen so you can yell stuff at the movie and use props to interact with the film. They even give you a free bag of stuff to everyone who comes to the show!

Join the Mocky Horror Picture Show for its live riff of The Lawnmower Man at 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 11th

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