Old Gods of Appalachia at Texas Theatre

Old Gods of Appalachia is an award-winning and critically-acclaimed audio drama podcast produced by Asheville, NC based DeepNerd Media. Old Gods of Appalachia was the first professional podcast nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 2022, has received numerous Audioverse Awards, and won Best Overall Podcast in the 2021 DiscoverPod Awards. The podcast boasts over 19 million unique downloads since its launch in late 2019. In 2022, OGoA collaborated with legendary game developer Monte Cook Games to create the Old Gods of Appalachia Tabletop Roleplaying Game, which met its Kickstarter funding goal of $50k within 10 minutes and raised over two million dollars.


Old Gods of Appalachia is an eldritch horror fiction podcast set in an Alternate Appalachia, a world where these mountains were never meant to be inhabited. This world feels eerily similar to the hills and hollers we’ve grown up with, but there are some tell-tale differences. Names of towns and counties may be altered. Historical events slide forward or backward in time. And then, of course, there are the monsters. Our live show includes a staged storytelling performance similar to an old time radio play, featuring show creators Steve Shell and Cam Collins, a rotating cast of professional actors, and live musical performances.

Showtimes & Tickets

Sunday, Jun 30
8:00 PM