The Parallax View w/ Introduction from Matt Zoller Seitz

The greatest of all paranoid thrillers, and one of the most perfect films of the 1970s, The Parallax View stars Warren Beatty as Joe Frady, a self-destructive, rebellious investigative reporter trying to expose a corporation that trains and hires out professional assassins. Written by counterculture-aligned storyteller Lorenzo Semple, Jr. (of the 1960s Batman series and the 1976 King Kong) and directed by thriller master Alan J. Pakula (Klute, All the President’s Men, Presumed Innocent), it’s a master class in unease. with a powerful, completely uncompromised ending.

Introduced by critic Matt Zoller Seitz, and preceded by a recorded Zoom conversation between Seitz and filmmaker Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot, Leave the World Behind) about the history and meanings of the paranoid thriller genre.

Showtimes & Tickets

Saturday, Jun 29
3:00 PM